Grotamar 71 diesel additive

It a safe, long-lasting preservative with a proven history of effective use for over years. CFR79), and is an exceptional preservative for diesel fuels and diesel fuel systems. Il peut aussi être utilisé en traitement choc.

Gras ( EMAG ou biodiesel ). Bardahl Diesel Combustion.

This diesel additive helps to keep big quantities of diesel fuel free from bacteria, removes moisture and increases the cetane rate. Le est formulé plus pour les diesel mélangés avec un biocarburant qui seraient plus sensibles aux bactéries. Good solubility in diesel fuel and in water. Bactericidal and fungicidal effect.

Pseudomonas fluorescens. Also provides long-term corrosion protection for tanks and pipes. Le est formulé plus pour les diesel mélangés avec un biocarburant qui seraient plus sensibles aux bactéries.

It rapidly kills and controls all microbial contamination and does not alter the properties of the fuel.

Those additives that you can buy which you put in when you refill with diesel , are they any good? Excellent compatibility with fuels, oils, additives and. Has anyone told you that diesel bug additives is in the same league as anchors, col regs, ensigns, etc? The first biocide with a new protective formula for modern diesel fuels.

Modern low sulphur marine diesel fuels may contain biodiesel. Can I use Grammar in conjunction with other fuel additives ? Bescherming voor diesel brandstoffen. De huidige diesel brandstoffen zijn gevoelig voor bacterie groei veroorzaakt door water in de brandstof. Dosering is 1ml per 50. Grotamar mengt zich met de waterdeeltjes en vernietigt de bacterie.

Stops bacteria and fungi in diesel. Optimised protection specifically for diesel fuels, including biodiesel. Specifically developed for modern diesel fuels including low sulphur diesels and fuels containing biodiesel.

Both diesel biocides provide a broad activity spectrum against bacteria, yeast and moulds in diesel fuel. Verwijdert bacteriegroei en schimmelvorming uit de diesel. Biozid zur Behandlung von kontaminiertem Diesel.

Der Einsatz wird für große Lagertanks z. Tankfarms oder Depots empfohlen. In the prevention trial, Marine not only prevented microbial growth but killed inoculated microbes to below detectable limits after days. CONCLUSION: Marine (along with GrotaMar) is the fastest acting treatment of diesel bug and has an additional benefit of improvement in filterability.

Concentration of formaldehyde in ambient air byaddition of ” grotamar ” into diesel fuel tanks. Measurements of Formaldehyde in the air of a production room by use of the. Study Report – Diesel additives – test on free formaldehyde. Sans cela, vous utilisez un additif à vos risques et périls.

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